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Filipino Maids

Filipino Maids Plight image of prison barsFilipino maids in America get a boost of fair play when a Taiwanese diplomat is expelled for abusing her.

Filipino maid murdered in Kuwait -couple are sentenced to death.

Would you pay more for a better trained and educated maid? Should we be paying more to get a better service? Of course we should! After all, it’s our families and our homes we’re investing in when we buy domestic maid help to look after us.

Filipino Maids News

Kuwaiti Couple gets death for killing Filipina maid | Ya Libnan


FOR A PRICE: Highly trained in doing household chores and being conversant in English give them the edge. THE demand for Filipino maids is increasing despite the higher wage employers have to pay for their services.

Kuwaiti Couple gets death for killing Filipina maid | Ya Libnan


Kuwait City – A court has sentenced a Kuwaiti couple to death for beating and then murdering their Filipina domestic helper, newspapers in the Gulf state reported on Monday. The criminal court found the disabled husband

Newsline: Taiwan diplomat ‘impeached’ over abuse of Filipina maids


Taiwan impeached a diplomat who was deported from the United States for her involvement in a case of abuse of her Filipina maids, officials said, accusing her of “hurting the country’s image.” Liu Hsien-hsien, former director


Nightmare in Dreamland pt1 DUBAI Ethiopian / Filipino Maids Slavery. Posted by Terrobuster at 12:06 AM · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. Reactions: 0 comments: Post a Comment. Older Post Home


The Filipina maid and a Pakistani driver have been charged for human trafficking and forcing the woman into prostitution, the Dubai Criminal Court was told on Thursday. JFT conned the victim, SDB, mother, by promising her

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